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In an instant, music can uplift our soul. It awakens within us the spirit of prayer, compassion, and love. It clears our minds and has been known to make us smarter. Music can dance and sing our blues away. It conjures up memories of lost lovers or deceased friends. It lets the child in us play, the monk in us pray, the cowgirl in us line dance, the hero in us surmount all obstacles. It helps the stroke patient find language and expression. Music is a holy place, a cathedral so majestic that we can sense the magnificence of the universe, and also a hovel so simple and private that none of us can plumb its deepest secrets. Music helps plants grow, drives our neighbors to distraction, lulls children to sleep, and marches men to war. Music can drum out evil spirits, sing the praises of the Virgin Mary, invoke the Buddha of Universal Salvation, enchant leaders and nations, captivate and soothe, resurrect and transform. Yet it is more than all of these things. It is the sounds of earth and sky, of tides and storms. It is the echo of a train in the distance, the pounding reverberations of a carpenter at work. From the first cry of life to the last sigh of death, from the beating of our hearts to the soaring of our imaginations, we are enveloped by sound and vibration every moment of our lives. It is the primal breath of creation itself, the speech of angels and atoms, the stuff of which life and dreams, souls and stars, are ultimately fashioned.

BLOCK QUOTE in the beginning, there was jack, and jack had a groove, and from this groove came the groove of all grooves. and while one day viciously throwing down on his box, jack boldly declared, let there be house, and house music was born. i am, you see, i am the creator, and this is my house, and in my house there is only house music. but i am not so selfish, because once you've entered my house, it then becomes our house and our house music....

FR # DEEPLY RENDEZ VOUS THE PARTY ! c'est la réunion des artistes qui font partie des plus plébiscités sur la scène internationale dans la catégorie underground de la house music. STANLEY de Londres où il a crée DEEP LONDON, célèbre label et soirée de la capitale Britannique, il a mixé pour MADONNA, PRINCE en passant par DEEP Y'ALL, résident aux BAINS DOUCHES directeur artistique du PALACE dont les titres sont signés sur EASY STREET ou SOUNDMEN ON WAX, MELCHYOR A, originaire de la région du label New Yorkais SOULSHINE REC, KRISPAGLIA à la tête de son propre label AGLIA REC,,PHILEAS FUNK, ROCHDEE qui est un des rare Français à avoir signé sur BASEMENT BOYS aux côtés d'artistes comme CRYSTAL WATERS, ANN NESBY, ces artistes sont là ce soir pour distiller le meilleur du son. La plupart ont joué dans les meilleurs clubs du monde dans des villes comme MIAMI, LONDRES, ROME, PARIS, BERLIN, LYON, MONTPELLIER, DUBAI etc....Evènement unique à ne rater sous aucun prétexte.

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